Celebrating, Remembering and Loving the music of Jerry Garcia
& The Grateful Dead

Mexicali Live 2/13/2009 and 4/10/2009

Mexicali Live 2/13/2009 and 4/10/2009
w/Buddy Cage, Johnny Markowski and Joanne Lediger
REX Foundation Musical Caravan events
The Wheel -> Strugglin Man
Evangeline +
Dear Prudence +
Bird Song *=
Uncle Johns Band *=
Music Never Stopped

+ Joanne Lediger (vocals)
* Matty (acoustic gtr)
Scarlet Begonias ->
Fire on the Mountain +
Strange Man

Tangled Up in Blue +
Sisters and Brothers +

Reflections, founded in 2004 for the sole purpose of playing Jerry tunes and having fun!
Not your average Grateful Dead Cover Band
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