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Sounds and pics from our show
4/24 at Mexicali Live

Mexicali Live 10/23/2010
Shakedown Street Reuben & Cherise
Lonesome and Long Way From Home Sugaree

Mexicali 9/11/2010
Reflections - Strange Man Strange Man

Warwick Vally Winery, Warwick, NY 6/26/2010
Reflections - China Cat Sun Flower China Cat -> I Know You Rider

Mexicali Live 2/6/2010
Ride Mighty High
The Wheel -> Cats Under the Stars
Like A Road
Not Fade Away * Althea
* w/ Ray Longchamp

Bodles Opera House Chester, NY 5/22/2009
How Sweet It Is Sugaree Dancin in the Streets

Mexicali Live 2/13/2009 and 4/10/2009
w/ Buddy Cage, Johnny Markowski and Joanne Lediger
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