Reflections at Mexicali Live April 24, 2010

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Rex Foundation
Reflections at the Rex Foundation

Many thanks to the photographers Josh Wehle , Jaron Rabman, and Michael Weiss

On April 24 2010 there was a celebration at Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ.
Over 200 have gathered to join in the celebration of Jerry Garcia's music.
Great vibes were in the air...
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It being a Rex Foundation musical caravan event, we were honored by the presence of Rex Foundation board member Barry Caplan. Barry was instrumental in helping Reflections form our relationship with the Rex Foundation.

More information on the Rex foundation can be found at:
The show opened with Matty Barca reading a letter from the Rex Foundation to the band and attendees. Linked here:

Then Mattys heartfelt introduction.....

"A few days after Jerry died; I remember reading Robert Hunter's Eulogy for him. One statement from this has never been far from my mind- "Now that the singer is gone, where shall I go for the song?"

For the past 15 years I've been trying to find an answer to this question. it has perplexed my thoughts; until just recently the answer became clear and obvious to me. It's so easy. We see the answer everyday- in ourselves- everytime we look into a mirror-- our own Reflections"

Matt Barca reading Rex Foundatation Letter Matt Barca introducing Reflections Band
photo by Josh Wehle

photo by Josh Wehle

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